Visit Sumpter

Discover Historic
Sumpter, Oregon

Travel South on Highway 7 into the Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon to find the historic town of Sumpter, Oregon.

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Hiking Trails

All within an hour of Sumpter’s city limits.

All links will take you to the U.S. Forest Service website. 

There you will be provided with all information about the trail.

Snowmobile/OHV Trail

Blue Spring Summit Sno-Park


The Blue Spring Summit Sno-Park is used as snowmobile trailhead during the winter months. It is located 7 miles from Sumpter. *Register for the Sno-mo Club by clicking on the picture below.


During the late spring, summer, and fall months, Blue Spring Summit Sno-Park turns into the Blue Mountain OHV trail. There many campgrounds in the area to make it an outdoor weekend! Follow the picture for more information.

Places to Stay

Sumpter Stockade Motel

Open all year round and pet friendly!

Step back in time to the late 1800’s, early 1900’s by staying in one of the themed rooms at the Sumpter Stockade Motel. Each room is decorated with old fashioned pictures and decor, and is double the size of an average hotel room, making it spacious and comfortable for families. Click the link below to book your room or learn more. 


The Depot Inn

Located in the heart of downtown Sumpter, Oregon.

The Depot Inn has 14 non-smoking rooms, with two queen size beds in each to accommodate families and groups. Each room is equipped with air conditioning, refrigerators, coffee makers, blow dryers, dish TV, and free Wi-fi. The Depot Inn even has room to park your ATVs and trailers. Click the link below to book your stay.

Ghost Towns





7 miles North of Sumpter

28 miles W of Sumpter

13 miles SW of Sumpter

30 miles NW of Sumpter

Stay in a haunted Bed and Breakfast!

Sumpter Bed & Breakfast

The old Sumpter hospital built in 1900 is now the Sumpter Bed & Breakfast.

In 1917, much of Sumpter was destroyed from a fire that spread through the town. The hospital was one of the few remaining buildings. It has changed hands over the years, but one thing hasn’t changed: the two ghosts wandering the halls of this bed and breakfast. If you want to test your nerves and have a night to remember, book a room!

Historic Sites

Sumpter Valley Railroad

The Sumpter Valley Railroad and trains have been restored over many years, beginning in 1971. Vistors now enjoy the 5.2 mile ride between McEwen and Sumpter, seeing the #3 YUBA dredge and the beautiful nature of the Blue Mountains.

Visitors can also enjoy themes rides throughout the year. Click the button below for more information on pricing and ride schedule.

Sumpter train getting ambushed

Sumpter Dredge

Sumpter dredge

The Sumpter Dredge was in operation from 1912 until 1954. This colossal structure has 72 ten cubic foot buckets, that once dredged at 25 buckets per minute. The system within the dredge was upgraded in 1945 to increase the efficiency of gold recovery from 70% to 95%.

Visitors can explore the dredge from May 1 to October 31. Doors are open daily from 8am-5pm. Click the button below for more infromation on the Dredge and surrounding trails.