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Sumpter Nugget Showroom

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Trails, Lakes, Ghost towns, Streams, Historic sites,
Hunt for ghosts, Wildlife, and Visitor Centers.
The views up here are unlike any other!

Gunsight Mountain


UTV entering trail
Over 600
Hiker x-ing
Pickup hauling snowmobiles

Summer Time

Off road vehicle?

Open up your favorite toys and get out of the city as quickly as you can. There is very few places in the world that compare to the trails and the destinations that you can reach in no time at all. 

Trail access points

On Foot?

Hike into the one of the numerous high lakes, where you can all the wildlife that our are has to show you.

When will your
journey begin.

The possibilities are endless and you can end up in a magical place in the Blue Mountains is likely at every turn. Be sure to stop in  at the dispensary and pick up one of our detailed maps before heading out. Our Nuggeteers are a great resource of information, Wear your smile even if its covered by your mask and gain a connection with our Nuggeteers and they may just tell you about their favorite spot.

Winter Time

Off road vehicle?

Cruise down a Ohv trail and quickly get as far away from civilization as quickly as you can or open you throttle and get to the top of a ridge where others could never make it up on foot.

Snowmobile Trail map

Join the Sno-Mo Club below the map to always stay in the know.

On Foot?

Snowshoe from the tops of the Blue mountains and see the vast white wonder land like few will get to  experience.

Hiking trails

All links will take you to the U.S. Forest Service website. 

There you will be provided with all information about the trail.

All within an hour of Sumpter’s city limits

Ghost towns


Explore the old towns that were built by Americans and deserted when the mining  craze ended. The towns are still standing with lots of the old equipment and other belongings frozen in time.




Stay in a haunted
Bed and Breakfast

The old gold rush hospital built in 1900 is now a Air B&B. The stories are vivid and well know that there is reminisces of two ghosts wandering the halls and activity causing mischief. If you want to test your nerves and have a night to remember book it now.

There are two places to stay, that claim to have visitors from another world. The second is not the entire building, just one room that the owners today believe it is the old man that built the place. 

Sumpter Bed & Breakfast

Historic sites

Sumpter Train

Historic train

Catch a ride on the restored train station. Traveling down the tailings of the old walking dredge has created captivating terrain from the mark of one of the largest still standing walking dredge system.

Sign up to exprience a train robbery on the Sumpter railroad. While you travel back to the Sumpter train station the train goes under siege by bandits on horseback. The cowboys load onto the train and the reanactment takes place with you involved in the act it self.

Outlaws holding up the train

Walking Dredge

The landscape around Sumpter is scared by this magnificent machine. This massive gold dredge was built in 1993 and ran until 1954.

Gold panning lesson

The scares are have marked the land with a rocky foot print that runs from the near by lake up Cracker Creek bhind the town of Sumpter. One of the oldest and largest dredges still standing in the U.S. today.


Sumpter dredge

This colossal structure packs 72 1-ton buckets that carved into the river bottom, revoming more that 4 million dollars worth of gold. With in that with giant contained a intricate system where riverbed was transferred into a series of steel cylinders. Once the larger rocks were separated the smaller materials were passed through a series of sluice boxes that collected the gold.